"Howl-O-Ween" Mutt Run 5K

10/26/2013, 7:00AM
Road Runner Sports 5553 Copley Drive, San Diego, CA. , San Diego CA 92111



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Goal: $20,000

Why We Are Fundraising

The California Labradors, Retrievers and More "Howl-O-Ween" Mutt Run 5K will support the Compassion 4 Paws Foundation which will rescue and save older dogs, dogs that are injured or ill who are suffering and give them necessary care.

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Road Runner Sports 5553 Copley Drive, San Diego, CA. , San Diego CA 92111

Date & Time

Saturday, October 26 2013

7:00 AM


Feel Proud Knowing You'll be Making a Difference in the Life of a Dog in Need!

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"Howl-O-Ween" Mutt Run 5K! (Run/Walk)

Check In Begins at 7:00am Race will Begin at 8:00am!

Have fun while saving the life of a Dog in Need!

Be sure to enter your dog in the "Howl-O-Ween" Costume Contest!

Run or Walk with California Labradors, Retrievers and More Rescue as they raise funds for Dogs in need of a helping Paw! Senior Dogs left behind, dogs that are injured or ill and suffering will benefit from your Donations. You can also feel great knowing you will be raising funds to provide a Service or Companion Dog to a Wounded Veteran!

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Compassion 4 Paws Foundation 

We will become Angels of Hope to Dogs in need of a helping Paw.


With the help of our Community we will reach out to bring home those loving senior dogs left in shelters alone. We will provide emergency care to needy dogs that have been injured or who are ill and are suffering giving them the gift of a compassionate recovery.

We will proudly Donate Service and Companion Dogs to support Wounded Veterans. As Veterans are returning home and looking for that "best friend" who can help them to begin enjoying and living a full life, our foundation will donate Service and Companion Dogs to help that Veteran return to a normal life,  which in turn saves the life of a dog.

Our Stories:


Teddy was found all alone in a wide open field running scared and sick in the desert area of El Centro. It was the cold of winter and this boy had little or no hair, was surviving on eating what trash he could find, was just skin and bones, and was unable to keep himself warm in the freezing nights. Teddy was picked up by animal control and due to his condition was going to be euthanized. Lucky for Teddy Labs and More President, Dr. Stephen Munday drives to this shelter every Tuesday and rescues dogs that without him would have no other chance at life. Lucky for Teddy it was Tuesday and without hesitation was rescued by Steve and transported to SD. Shortly after arriving Teddy received medical care and after extensive testing by our Vets it was determined that this sweet young boy had a disorder called…versiculitis. He will need to take several pills a day, his hair will grow back thinly and he will not grow any larger. He required baths and skin care several times a day.  For us this was not something we hesitated at doing.

Lucky for Teddy he landed in an amazing foster home with Monica. She adores this boy and after weeks of bathing and intensive care Teddy is almost recovered. Yes he might be missing some hair but in this boy's heart lies a soul that is so endearing he melts your heart. He is a happy boy who shows his love thru his compassionate eyes and playful hugs. Teddy doesn’t understand why he hasn’t found a forever family. He doesn’t realize his fur and hopes his new forever family will be blind to it as well.

Please help us provide Teddy with his ongoing medication and care. He would love to find his new forever family…please share Teddy’s amazing story of survival.

Teddy is still looking for a home and his care continues to be important to this cause.


If my eyes had not seen the condition of Ranger when he arrived I wouldn’t have believed his story. Ranger was part of a legal abuse situation, and had been attacked by dogs repeatedly as part of dog fighting training and was abused by humans as well. This beautiful Yellow Labrador arrived at the shelter barely alive yet wagging his tail, so the shelter reached out for help for this kind boy. But no rescues stepped forward when the pleas were sent as he looked close to terrible. After living a life of abuse Ranger was going to die alone. When the email was finally sent to us…we had no hesitation. As a new Rescue with limited funds and few Volunteers …we still knew we had to help. Ranger arrived weighing just 35lbs. He had scars across his body, couldn’t walk, and had a leg that had been broken and healed on its own. He received Vet care for the first 10 days before arriving in his foster home…which was me. For the first few days I caught myself turning my head to wipe away a tear when he came for attention. Here was this amazingly happy boy who had never been treated with compassion until now….yet he carried no grudges ….just love and big ole kisses. Don’t get me wrong Ranger has some worries about where his next meal is coming from, but today he is a beautiful boy with a slight limp who weighs 90lbs. He loves his walks, his friends, and his foster sister. We have fostered Ranger for 7 months, we know Ranger will never be a perfect dog, but after 7 years of abuse because of Labs and More and Your generosity today…Ranger will never know the hands of evil again. He has gotten his last scar.

Ranger’s expenses have exceeded $3,500

The Story of Bowzer a Senior

This beautiful middle-aged Black Labrador Retriever was dumped in the Reservation Area of Northern San Diego. His photo was sent to us by a Volunteer at the Humane Society for an urgent plea to help this boy before he was put down. We were told on the phone he was in tough shape but we had no idea what we would encounter when arriving. When I arrived at the shelter and saw the condition Bowzer was in I had to turn away as tears rolled down my face.  I knew at that moment this dog was going home with me. You see he had blood running out of his ears from an infection so bad his ears were swollen shut. His neck area was so infected that all his hair was gone and it was raw exposed flesh, it was infected. When I reached to pet him he dropped to his knees and waited for the blow. I knelt down to hold him and the smell of rotten flesh was something I will never forget.

Bowzer received multiple daily expensive treatments for his ears and neck for almost one full month but was then ready to find a foster home. Bowzer was lucky to find two wonderful foster families with Michelle and Stacy who continued his care and helped him become a trusting loving dog again. Bowzer now knows just how soft a human bed is to sleep on, enjoys the best of the best dog foods, loves to go to the beach and can’t imagine ever having a choker collar lodged into his neck again in his life. This wonderful boy would love to find his new forever family where he can spoil them with love. Could that be YOU!

Bowzer’s care was well over $2,200

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Prizes will be awarded for Top Fundraisers AND Top Finishers!

1st: Road Runner Sports Shoe Certificate and Road Runner Sports Apparel Certificate

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3rd: Road Runner Sports Apparel Certificate

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You will be automatically entered to win an iPad when you Raise $200 or More!

* This is an untimed, Family Fun Run 5K with no street closures.


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